I have lived…

I have lived a thousand thousand nights.
I have dreamed of cities eternal and ethereal.
I have crossed the patterned sand blown
scattered wastes of desert moonscapes.

I have scaled the boney bark of mile high towering trees.
I have swam in oceans, dived through flooded windows of city towers empty
parks and lonely spires.
I have walked cobbled streets, with domino playing door watchers.
And docked on distant harbour walls.

I have sat in smoky bar rooms waiting,
crowds of faces flashing past vision slow and quick –
waiting out the clock to the sound of pool balls smacked and pocketed.
I have knelt beneath the frozen eyed stare of saints,
and stone gods in countries hot and alien.

I have swam through gardens of luminous shaped coral.
I have climbed, on these adventurous faithful legs,
across continent divides, peaks where eagles cry for breath,
over country borders and historic changing shingle slides.

I have sailed through storms and flat mirrored water.
I have leaped onto planes at the last moment of booking.
And in books seen and done all that can be imagined and more.
And I have dreamed.

I have dreamed of it all over and again and more.
And through it all, though I knew it not until the last time I saw you…
which was the first time I saw you
– because a heart’s tick tock has no clock keeper.

I remembered and forgot instantly at your gaze
– you have shined eternal in my heart.

Moments, memories, dreams…
In searching for you through time..
In time I found,
You were present through all.

You and
I have lived
We can
never be

One thought on “I have lived…

  1. It’s Beautiful Pete. (Although I can’t work out which line is referring to Hampden Road.)… She must be very special indeed x

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