Firstly, thank you for reading! When I started writing and traveling this time around, my intention wasn’t to write a standard travel blog, detailing information on where to go and what to buy, after all, the traveling is in the finding out. Instead I wanted to offer a few lines of escape and connection. Sharing my thoughts, emotions and experiences as I find them, around the world and inside the heart. Mostly, I want to take you with me.

Links are below or you can find each blog on the drop down menu.

Should you have any questions regarding travel advice or anything else, do contact me via the questions section. Comments and feedback are most welcome.


Star Gazing, Hide and Seek –

Magic Farm –

It’s only Fear –

The Twisting Tree –

The Great Corporate Escape –

Drowning in Paradise –

In The River of Stars –

Varanasi part 1 –

Varanasi part 2 –

In the Ashram –

Leaving Soul and Surf –

Surfing Kerala –

Where we are –


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